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Friday, 14 October 2011


Majid Finally Speaks....
Ghanaian screen badboy Majid Michel who was out and about in the areas of Manhattan, USA has finally open up about the rumour which recently emerged that, he was somehow poisoned on set while shooting the movie ‘Somewhere In Africa’.

PR seized the opportunity to ask Majid Michel about his role in ‘Somewhere In Africa’, his upcoming projects, his social networking presence among other things.

On his role in the movie ‘Somewhere In Africa’, Majid Michel said ‘I played a double role in the movie. I played the commander- Lieutenant Yusuf Mumbasa who is the main character and also a journalist who worked undercover. This was quite challenging as the two roles were very different.”

Majid Michel told PR that “I found it really challenging especially with the makeup which was used to change the colour of my skin in most of the scenes.

This was quite difficult with the hot weather. Also we had to change our accents as the producer wanted it in such a way that you would not know where in Africa the movie took place, that is why it is called Somewhere In Africa” he said.

Surely, you know we will not let Majid escape the question; Is the movie ‘Somewhere In Africa’ a ripp-off of the South African movie Sarafina as some of our readers having been saying.

By: Picom Radio

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