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Friday, 14 October 2011


Eazzy Reveals it All 
She is arguably one of the biggest female acts of all time, having cemented her place in a male dominated industry. Celebrity publicist, Radio/TV presenter and Showbiz journalist Quame Junior goes hard in a one-on-one exclusive interview with the Lynx Diva: Below is the interview::

1. How has it been for you so far...let’s talk about the ups and’s been a do you feel?

Eazzy: At the moment I feel fulfilled, there have been ups and downs though but that’s certainly a necessity.  I’d be happy to share my peaks but it might take cut it short let me say GOD has been good to me!

2. Why are you still single or is there something you are not telling us?

Eazzy: LoL. Something like? haha. I haven’t focused on that aspect of my life yet..but whilst concentrating on my career am keeping a close eye on all guys..LoL!

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